Top seven reasons a Christian should (not) vote for Barry Obama:

1. His uncanny ability to increase the national debt (this article was written almost 2 years ago – we are now over 16 trillion in debt) [Psalm 37:21] 
2. His wisdom in pursuing Obamacare in the midst of soaring unemployment [2 Thes. 3:10] 
3. His ability to shift blame for the deaths of four Americans to a US citizen's movieinstead of the true cause: Islam and Obama’s own failure in foreign-policy [Exod. 20:16] 
4. His snubbing of Israel in their time of need [Gen. 12:1-3] 
5. His propensity to bow down to Muslim leaders, and quote the Koran [Exod. 20:3] 
6. His staunch belief that a mother has the right to murder her unborn child [Exod. 21:22-25] 
7. His support of sodomy, "same-sex" marriage and how he refuses to uphold the law of the land [Rom. 1:26-28]

The bottom line is, I have very little understanding in how anyone could possibly desire four more years of this mess… But how any self-professing Christian could vote for this man – as ungodly as his positions are – is beyond me.

Mitt may be part of a cult and serve a false god, but Obama serves the Anti-God (Satan / Allah / god of this world – Dan. 9:11). I’ll take a lost man who professes Godly stances against a Satan worshipper who professes ungodliness any day of the week – twice on Sundays.

Vote the Word – not your wallet (but in this case, either will do)



Bro. Scott