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McGraw Family Music
Jos. 24:15 | Pro. 12:7


Doctrinal Statement
(From our Ministry Website)

The Particulars
Myself (Scott - guitar / vocals), my wife (Deana - vocals) & two children (Kayla - Mandolin / vocals & Scottie - Bass / Ukulele) comprise McGraw Family Music.  It's our desire to spread the Word of God, and one avenue that the LORD has given us ability to do so is through Song. We claim nothing special other than being 'so' loved by the Creator of the heavens & earth...  So much in fact that God gave His only Begotten Son to shed His precious blood upon Mt. Calvary so that we could be saved!  We are simply doing as Shamgar did in Judges 3:31 - 'what we can with what we have'.

The Purpose
This ministry exists to:
- Honour God and to Lift up Jesus
- To spread the Good News of God's Salvation plan
- To preach & sing to edify, convict, console & encourage man
- To 'Use the Talents' that He has entrusted unto us to the best of our abilities. 

The Plan
In August of 2017, the Lord opened the door and the hearts of the people in FBC of Belmont, WV and called bro. Scott to pastor this wonderful church along the river.  Because of this, our music ministry will be more limited in scope as we set our sights on reaching our new Jerusalem for the cause of Christ.  Please pray for us and the people of First Baptist Church in Belmont, WV as we begin this new chapter in our lives.

It's our desire to minister & spread the Word of God as much as possible.  So in addition to our preaching & singing, we have a cd ministry as well.  We believe that each one of the songs that the LORD has given us has a meaning and a message with the ability to bless, console & convict the lost & saved alike.  So what the LORD has led us to do is that anytime we are given the opportunity to play & sing, we distribute our cd's completely free of charge to further the message to the best of our abilities.


Mat 10:8b '... freely ye have received, freely give.'

Please visit our ministry website @  www.preachinginthewilderness.com 
There you will find around 200 Bible Centered audio sermons, articles, presentations, and more for man's edification & the glory of God. 


All original music © 2016 Scott McGraw | McGraw Family Ministries

We've chosen to copyright the music that the LORD has entrusted to us... not so that we may gain or profit in any way, for we give it away freely; but rather so that we can ensure that others don't put a price on what we believe to be priceless.

I would like to recommend Brother Scott McGraw to your church. He will preach the Word to your people. His family’s ministry in music will bless your folk. Check out his resources - preaching, teaching and singing.
— Tony Fox - Pastor of Command Baptist Church, Statesville, NC
The Scott McGraw family are a blessing to any service. They were part of our revival and the visiting preacher appreciated their holiness in appearance and song. Their singing and spirit prepared the way for good liberty for the preaching service. The folks at Tabernacle Baptist welcome them to come back any time. I personally recommend them.
— Curtis L. White - Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Statesville, NC

Proverbs 12:7 The wicked are overthrown, and are not: but the house of the righteous shall stand.

...as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15b